Talentin-Hiring, Recruitment Solution internal management and recruitment organizations outside

Effectively doubling the recruitment. Ensure solid resources.

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  • Automate the recruitment process

    Functions of Taks-Assigned for Recruitment process from Board of Directors -> HRM -> Boards -> Internal Recruiters or Suppliers. The system makes roles and monitors the automative Recruitment processes then speeding up the efficiency and time of recruitment.

  • Manage Internal Recruiters & External Hunter Agencies

    Module helps the Board of Directors to manage the hiring of both Recruitment Staff and all external recruitment service providers. Help store data, analyze work efficiency from internal and external recruitment sources.

  • Marketing Mail Campaign

    Module supports Recruiters to implement Mail-Marketing campaigns to potential candidates, thereby promoting the recruitment information faster to the most potential candidates. Help increase the efficiency of available candidate data, shorten recruitment time

  • Branded Careers Portal

    Each Employer has its own recruitment page to advertise recruitment, promote corporate environmental culture to attract active talents.

  • Candidates Sourcing

    Each Employer can create and manage Online candidate data, thereby quickly finding and accessing candidates. Candidates can be exported to the file for backup regularly

  • Reporting & Analytics

    The Board of Directors and Departments may review the performance report of recruiting work from the internal recruiters and outside suppliers, thereby planning the Assurance of Employment.

Service Packages Manage Hiring on month

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